Save Money with BI-Fast: Affordable Transfer Feature

BI-Fast is an affordable and effective money transfer feature. Many customers choose this feature due to its lower transfer fees and convenience in transferring money to different banks.


AI Product Recommendation Boosted BRI Product

AI-Product recommendation serves as a tool to boost the usage of BRI products including credit cards, BritAma Rencana, Deposits, RDN, Ceria, and Insurance for users who don't have them yet.

Product Recommendation

BRImo Registration

BRImo registration is the main feature of the BRImo banking application. With this feature, users can access various functions within BRImo. To use BRImo, users must first register through the BRImo registration feature.


VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the BRImo application enables users to make calls over the Internet, allowing them to contact Customer Service (CS) without using phone credit. Users simply need to open the BRImo app and make calls through VOIP.

Transfer International

International transfer allows us to send money abroad based on the desired country. Users can also choose their preferred delivery method, including transferring to a bank account, e-wallet, or cash pickup.

Homepage 2.0

This improved homepage emphasizes the main balance and key features of the banking app, addressing user confusion regarding the previous PFM feature. The goal is to enhance user transactions and provide a clearer understanding of the app's main functionalities.


IBBIZ is a business internet banking service, just like regular internet banking, that allows users to make transfers, payments, and purchases. However, what distinguishes IBBIZ from typical banking applications is the difference in its limit, as IBBIZ has a higher limit specifically intended for users who own businesses.

Lupa Username

The "Forgot Username" feature is designed to retrieve a forgotten username, as many users often face the issue of forgetting their usernames. This led to the creation of the "Forgot Username" feature.

Pembaruan Data

The data update feature is utilized as a means for users to update their information, allowing them to modify their data through the BRImo application.


RIS is a payment feature that enables users to make payments by simply scanning QR codes at merchants in Indonesia. This feature allows for two-way transactions, where customers can initiate the scan and merchants can also perform scans.

Pengelolaan Kartu

This card management is useful for managing ATM cards such as changing the PIN, activating and deactivating the card.